Research by Carruthers and Worthington

The studies listed here outline research by Elizabeth Carruthers and Maulfry Worthington into children's mathematical graphics.

Analysis of children's mathematical graphics from children birth - 8 years

We analysed 700 examples of children's mathematical graphics from children in the home, nursery settings and schools. This important and in-depth analysis uncovers the development of young children’s own mathematical marks and calculations for the first time. It reveals the complexity and creativity of young children's mathematical mark-making and their astonishing ability to make meaning. Click here to read outcome of this research

Young children exploring early calculation: creativity and mathematical graphics.

Research with children
Research with families
Research with teachers and practitioners
Research into E-learning and Children's Mathematical Graphics
Researching Effective CPD in Mathematics Education (RECME)
Doctoral Research: Maulfry Worthington
Doctoral Research: Elizabeth Carruthers
Other Researchers: published research relating to children's mathematical graphics
Reception class research (2011)
Other early years mathematics research
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