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Children's Mathematical Graphics

    Copyright M. Worthington & E. Carruthers 2012

Research evidence on the significance of drawing and emergent writing increasingly highlights their importance. Graphicacy is a powerful means for exploring and communicating thoughts, ideas and feelings and for solving problems in all aspects of life. For young children it offers valuable and significant means to explore the 'written' language of mathematics, helping them to come to understand the abstract written language of mathematics in personally meaningful ways.

The significance of graphicacy in mathematics - which we term children's mathematical graphics - is now recognised by many early childhood educators .The importance of children's mathematical graphics is acknowledged in England by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF: 2008a; DCSF: 2000b). Knowledge of children's mathematical graphics is filtering through to influence understanding in universities and local authorities, and having an impact on pedagogy in settings and schools with children from birth to eight years - in the UK and beyond. The DCSF highlights the significance of children's mathematical graphics particularly for:

  • Improving achievement in Calculations
  • Strengthening the provision for problem solving, reasoning and numeracy (PSRN)
  • Promoting children's confidence in themselves as writers and as mathematical thinkers

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