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Maulfry Worthington - Doctoral Research

Maulfry Worthington is engaged in research for her PhD (Faculty of Psychology and Education at the VU, Amsterdam). She is conducting a longitudinal, ethnographic study into the emergence of children's mathematical graphics in early childhood.

Publications Relating to Doctoral Research Doctoral Papers
Worthington, M. (2018) Funds of knowledge: children’s cultural ways of knowing mathematics. In V. Kinnear., M-Y Lai., and T. Muir. (Eds.) Forging Connections in Early Mathematics Teaching and Learning. Singapore: Springer, 239-258.

Worthington, M. (2017) Respecting children’s personal symbolism Early Education Journal; (special issue, Early Years Mathematics). 83: Autumn 2017, 13-15.

BERA-TACTYC Early Childhood Research Review 2003 - 2017

BERA-TACTYC: Play and Pedagogy and Learning, development and the curriculum

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Worthington, M. and Van Oers, B. (2017) Children’s social literacies: Meaning making and the emergence of graphic symbols in pretence. Journal of Early Childhood Literacy 24(1), 51-66. Online first, 2015.

Key speeches and conference presentations relating to this research:

Maulfry Worthington: Guest lecture, Winterschool Conference, Oosterhoot, The Netherlands; ‘Pretend play and mathematisation’. 2nd-3rd February 2018.

Maulfry Worthington and Bert van Oers, ‘The advance of mathematisation in young children’s inscriptions’. Paper presentation at the EECERA Conference, Bologna, Italy. 29th August – 1st September 2017.

Maulfry Worthington: Guest lecture, University of Leiden, The Netherlands: 12th January 2017

Maulfry Worthington and Bert van Oers: Children’s social literacies: Meaning making and the emergence of graphical signs and texts in pretence. TACTYC Annual Conference, 19th November 2016. London.

Maulfry Worthington and Bert van Oers (2016). ‘The emergence of mathematical abstraction in the nursery’. Paper presentation at the EECERA Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. August 31st - 3rd September 2016.

Worthington, M. (2015). Young children’s informal mathematical signs and symbols: emergent learning and ‘intent participation’, EECERA Conference, Barcelona. 07-10 September 2015 (paper presented by Bert van Oers in her absence).

Worthington, M. 2014. Submission to All Party Political Group (APPG) ‘Maths and Numeracy in the Early Years’, House of Commons, Westminster. 25th November 2014

Worthington, M. (2014) Child’s play? Does ‘subject’ learning have a role in pretend play? Presentation at TACTYC annual conference, Birmingham, November 2014.

Maulfry Worthington, Key Speaker, 'Mathematical Literacy in Early Childhood: making a significant difference': Children in Scotland conference, 'Easy as 123, Making Numeracy and Maths Count in Scotland’. 16th January 2014.

Paper presentation: Maulfry Worthington and Bert van Oers: ‘Pretend play and the cultural foundations of mathematics.' EECERA Conference, Tallinn, Estonia: 28th August - 31st August 2013

Joint presentation paper: Elizabeth Carruthers and Maulfry Worthington, 2013: 'The Art of Communication: Young Children and Graphicacy' 5th international 'Art in Early Childhood' conference, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Poster Presentation: Maulfry Worthington, 2013: 'Mathematical semiosis in pretend play: situated, mediated and meaningful'. TACTYC / BERA seminar: ECEC Policy in the UK: Research Perspectives and Initiatives. University of Winchester. 30th April.

Maulfry Worthington - Keynote speaker (2011) 'Mathematical potentials of imagination' at Redcliffe Children’s Centre and Maintained Nursery School, Research and Development Base: National Conference: Uncovering Children’s Mathematics: Exploring, Investigating, Hypothesizing and Problem Solving’. Mercure Holland House Hotel, Bristol. 10th November.

Maulfry Worthington: paper presentation (2011) 'The power of pretence: role-play and mathematics – informing the ‘school readiness’ debate.’ TACTYC biennial research conference: 'Ready’ for School? Marriott Hotel, York. 11th and 12th November.

Worthington, M. (2011) ‘Symbolic play and children's mathematical graphics.' Key speech: Sheffield Hallam University, Faculty of Education MaST Programme conference. July. 2011

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