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Research with Children

  • MEd. dissertation – ‘the Sovay study’. This is a parent-child study of a young child’s developing mathematical understanding between the ages of 22 months and 42 months.
  • MEd. dissertation assessing levels of cognitive challenge within child-initiated play in a class of children 4 – 6 years
  • Observations of children’s self-initiated mark-making (writing and mathematical). Observations made during two, three-week periods following the addition of resources to support writing and subsequently mathematical behaviours and mark-making
  • Nine month observational study – patterns of children’s mathematical schemas. Informal observations of children’s self-initiated play in one Reception/Year 1 class (children 4 – 6 years) provided rich insights and a ‘map’ tracing one child’s schema interests during the course of one school year. It also provided evidence of the link between children’s early writing and other mark-making and schemas
  • A study of Mathematics SATs papers in four schools allowed us to explore the extent to which children used their own written methods when required, and the relationship between use of their own methods and ‘right’ answers
    Copyright M. Worthington & E. Carruthers 2012

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