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    Copyright M. Worthington & E. Carruthers 2012


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Elizabeth Carruthers and Maulfry Worthington are winners of TACTYC's Jenefer Joseph Award for the Creative Art in the Early Years (3 - 8) - 2003. Awarded for recognising the intrinsic value of the creative arts in children's lives, and promoting them in more innovative ways - for their work with children and teachers on children's mathematical graphics.

Awarded the Basia Korczak Award for outstanding innovative achievement in ICT (2003) for their work on the E-learning Scholarship with teachers from Early Excellence Centres. Maulfry Worthington and Elizabeth Carruthers are joint winners together with Francis Howlett who built the innovative web environment for the online discussion forum on children's mathematical graphics.



Shortlisted for the ICT in Practice Awards 2004, in the category 'Innovation and Change' for their innovative use of e-graphics in e-learning discussion forums (supporting Early Years practitioner and teacher professional development in children's mathematical graphics).


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