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Maulfry Worthington

Maulfry Worthington: This year Maulfry is completing writing up her doctorate (VU University, Amsterdam). She currently teaches on MA modules on Leadership in Early Years Maths at CREC in Birmingham. Maulfry is a member of the Executive committee of TACTYC - Association for the Professional Development of Early Years Educators. She has lectured in Initial Teacher Education on Primary & Early Years Mathematics, Early Years education and Early Years Literacy. Maulfry has worked as a National Numeracy Consultant and worked at the National College for Teaching and Leadership, managing Early Years online communities for school leaders, and is a Fellow of Mirandanet.


Cert. Ed. (Primary) University of London, (St Gabriel's College), 1968
M.Ed. (Early Years). University of Exeter. 1996
Professional Studies in E-Facilitation (Advanced Diploma), Institute of Education, University of London. 2004


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