Children's Mathematical Graphics: Underpinning Theories

  • Cultural-historical theory (e.g. Leont'ev; Van Oers; Vygotsky)

  • Cultural knowledge (e.g. Moll et al.; Riojas-Cortez; Rogoff)

  • Imagination and symbolic play (e.g. Brooker; Harris; Rogers; Van Oers; Vygotsky)

  • Social semiotic theory (e.g. Cobb, Yackel & Wood; Kress; Vygotsky)

  • Multimodality and graphicacy (e.g. Kress; Jewitt and Kress; Pahl and Rowsell; Lancaster)

  • Post-structuralism (e.g. Foucault, Dahlberg, Moss and Pence; MacNaughton)

  • Language acquisition, grammaticisation and development (e.g. Langacker, Tomasello.)

Pedagogy - Children's Mathematical Graphics
    Copyright M. Worthington & E. Carruthers 2012

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