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Courses & Conferences: 2011 - 2012

Autumn Term 2011 | Spring Term 2012 | Summer Term 2012

For your Professional Development courses on children's mathematical graphics

Autumn Term 2011    
Redcliffe Children’s Centre and Maintained Nursery School Research and Development Base.
Centre for Excellence in Mathematics and Outdoor Learning. Mercure Holland House Hotel, Bristol
Thursday 10th November National Conference: ‘Uncovering Children’s Mathematics: Exploring, Investigating, Hypothesizing & Problem Solving’.

Keynote speakers include Maulfry Worthington: 'Mathematical potentials of imagination'

Research, Reflection, Debate: TACTYC biennial research conference: 'Ready’ for School? Marriott Hotel, York. Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November Includes:

Janet Moyles and Maulfry Worthington, presenting findings of recent TACTYC research on the EYFS and Reception classes: ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage through the daily experiences of children’.

Maulfry Worthington: paper presentation 'The power of pretence: role-play and mathematics - informing the ‘school readiness’ debate’


Spring Term 2012    
Edinburgh, Scotland: Barcelo Hotel 28th Feb. 2012 Early Childhood Mathematics Conference: Elizabeth Carruthers: Key speaker
Luton Learning Centre 1st March 2012 Course: ‘Understanding Children’s Mathematical graphics: Beginnings in Play’
Early Excellence Centre, Huddersfield 13th March 2012 Course: ‘Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Calculations’
European International Schools
Council (ECIS)
American Schools in Athens
16th - 18th March
Early Childhood Conference, 'The Changing Landscape in Early Childhood Education':
Maulfry Worthington - lectures:
(1) Children’s mathematical graphics: beginnings in play
(2) Children’s mathematical graphics: the amazing potential of role-play

Summer Term 2012    
Redcliffe Children’s centre and Maintained Nursery School; Research and Development Base 10th May 2010 6th Annual Conference with Michael Rosen: a celebration of children enjoying books and becoming readers for life

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