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Professional Development: Local CM Network Groups

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Bristol CM Network Group

'Children's mathematical graphics has influenced everything we do - and also the way in which we view children's play'
Beth Osborne, Foundation Stage Teacher, Bristol.

Updates of activity: 2007 - 2009

Group meetings:

  • Sharing samples of work – amazed at variety and children’s ability!
  • Looking at Early Years Foundation Stage documents - specific focus on problem solving, reasoning and numeracy (PSRN)
  • Collecting samples of children’s mathematical graphics and discussing their mathematical thinking.
  • Gathering evidence and exploring problem solving
  • Promoting mathematical graphics and problem solving in our own settings.
  • Links with creativity
  • Role play and children's mathematical graphics
  • Sharing observations of children's mathematical graphics
  • Discussed how we model written notation and ideas for developing
  • Cross-curricular links between PSRN & CLL
  • Discussed Mark Making Matters


  • During the past year as one of the Children's Mathematics Network CPD initiatives, our group has been the focus of research by a researcher from 'Researching Effective CPD in Mathematics Education (RECME)'. The research team's final report was published in February 2009 and our group is featured as 'Case Study 5'.
  • Two of our group were invited to contribute to presentations, along with Maulfry and Elizabeth and members of the RECME research team, at the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) International Research conference in March 2009.

The NCETM reported:

‘Teaching and research go hand in hand
More than 170 teachers and educational researchers from across the UK and Europe met at a major NCETM International Research event in Bristol to hear about how CPD can transform what happens in the classroom. The Researching Effective CPD in Mathematics Education (RECME) report was received positively by all those attending and the result of this extensive study into Mathematics CPD can be found at The message that came across loud and clear was that teaching and researching are both possible in the classroom’.

May, 2009. Bristol.


RECME Research Findings: CMN Groups for CPD

Bristol CM Network group: 2007-09

Bristol CM Network group: 2009 -10

Bristol CMN members - in Discussion

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