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Bristol CM Network Group has been meeting regularly since March 2007 following an introduction to children’s mathematical graphics.

The group consists of Foundation Stage practitioners from maintained and PVI settings with a shared interest in children’s mathematical learning across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The purpose of the group is to:

  • Support each other

  • Keep up to date with research

  • Share good practice

  • Value each others ideas

  • Analyse and discuss

  • Draw out the mathematical knowledge, concepts and skills

  • Research our shared focus

  • Problem solve challenges based on observations of our children’s experiences and play

  • Visit each others’ settings and socialise!

Children are at the heart of our group as we use examples of their mathematical play, experiences and their mathematical graphics as the basis for discussion. We agree a shared focus to research as the starting point for our next meeting based on this debate.

For further information please contact Philippa Cook

Tel: 01173 533520


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