Professional Development: Local CM Network Groups

    © Copyright M. Worthington & E. Carruthers 2012

Local Children's Mathematics Network groups: Background

In the early 1990s we were founder members of a local group of teachers in Exeter who met regularly, discussing, reading and challenging each others' thinking about Early Years mathematics. As members of the group we experienced first-hand the value of collaboration and co-construction in supporting effective pedagogy. After several years this group ended and the two of us began to research and develop children's mathematical graphics in depth.

IN 2003 we founded the Children’s Mathematics Network and subsequently introduced the concept of local CM Network groups. We are delighted to learn of the progress of the first group in Bristol: the work of the members of this group confirms the importance of trusting teachers and practitioners and of giving them 'ownership' of their professional development (see the RECME Report's findings). The research has shown that belonging to a local CM Network group can provide you with a very effective means of professional development and lead to exceptionally high levels of their children’s mathematical thinking and problem solving thorugh their mathematical graphics.

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