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The Children's Mathematics Network (CMN)

What is the Children's Mathematics Network?

The Children’s Mathematics Network is an international, not-for-profit organisation for teachers, practitioners, students, researchers and teacher educators working with children in the birth – 8 year age range. It is a grassroots network, with children and teachers at its heart.

The Network focuses on children’s mathematical graphics and the meanings children make. You will be able to explore and share ‘written’ mathematics within the context of visual representation including drawing; early (emergent) writing; thinking; play; creativity and multi-modality. Our work is based on extensive, evidence-based research with children, teachers and families and within the context of homes, nurseries and schools. We advocate a spirit of freedom and creativity for teachers and more importantly, the freedom for children to explore their own meanings in creative ways.

Our aim is to hear the voice of the child and to support effective pedagogy for this significant aspect of mathematics in this phase

What are Children's Mathematical Graphics?

Practical mathematics

Challenges for children

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